The Adventure Begins

And so the adventure begins! …

Creating this little space – well, not so little actually, when you realize it has no boundaries and it travels 24/7 to any place, to any one, with just a click – and starting this adventure to share thoughts and experiences, ideas and tips, smiles and love, in topics from tech to travel to life style to mommyhood to people who inspire me. 

While brainstorming for a while, and when I say ‘a while’ I mean it. I guess it takes a bit of bravery to open this door to the world.

From being a single parent to a ‘just turned teenager’, to a curious bilingual multitasking industrial engineer, I realized that actually ‘there are’ things that I would love to share, a bit of everything and a lot of some things. As most, my goal is to reach my dreams, but part of this goal is to help others reach theirs along the road. So, here I am, to work, create, brainstorm, share, collaborate and grow together.

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